Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lessons Learned

  • think my groups project is very interesting. Our project tells about how technology has effected our community. In our story we include other people's opinions so their would not be bias. I feel that the viewer will stay interested in the subject and it will help them see how technology has changed things,  because they will hear so many opinions from the people we interviewed. One of the most interesting things to me was that my team had no fear calling people they did not know and ask for an interview.  This is something I hope to get good at as well.

One of our biggest roadblocks was probably the interviews. I remember one of are interviews canceled and we had to find a new interview. Another roadblock is when we were going to take b-roll and all the cameras were filled out. This made us have to hold back our videoing to another day. Those where probably a few of our main problems.

One of the  major things I find valuable in the film making process is getting to know how to you use all the technology. Im still learning how to take clear and good interviews. I think a lot of these projects are new to me, but I am learning a lot from my group. Another thing that is hard its fitting it all in 3 minutes. I hope you like my blog post thanks for reading.

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