Thursday, May 21, 2015

Music Videos Rock

P1T6 Back in Black from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Well because our music video has each member lip-syncing. So that is one way how everyone contributed. another way everyone has contributed is that everyone has filmed and edited. Also we all help each other out. By making sure they are doing what the should be doing. So yes each member of our team did contribute, in these ways.;

One part that everyone will enjoy is the comedy factor. I think because everyone on our team is new to GT we might not know what we are doing. Or how we are going to do something. So in our case I think our video will turn out "funny". I also think that our audience will enjoy our story board. I really like our storyboard because of how much it fits into the music.

In my Mv It shows a lot of the things that I have learned this year. I could list all of the things that I learned but that wouldn't be fun. You wouldn't get to watch the movie! But I will tell you One of my favorite things that I have learned all year. One of my favorite things that I learned this year is how to make video effects. They are good to use when you have a long scene. Then you can use video effects to make it look really cool. Also if you have a scene that is blurry you could use video effects to make it look normal.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

How my favorite song lyrics make me feel. Hummmmm, where do I start. Well I guess it kinda depends on what type of music I am listening to. I mean if in listing to a real fast and up beat  song then I tend to get all pumped up. Which  is like the kind of music I would be listening to before a surf contest. Then on the other hand if I'm listening to real slow music I don't know why but I tend to be sad.

For our music video song we chose Back In Black. Back In Black has always been I song I have listened to. Its never been my favorite song but I always end up listening to it. I mean when I was younger I guess at one point I had a stage where I liked rock. Then I think that is how I found this song. Then it later just came to be our song for our music video. I also was thinking about having a song that we could make funny in our video. Then a screaming rock band was our choice.

Well because our song is, Back In black. We decided that for our story it had to be something that had to do with getting back together. So for our story it is all about friendships getting back together. But I also feel that we can't make it like a sad music video. Considering that will be boring and that is not the kind of message our song tells. So we decided to make it cool. Which I hope we can pull off making it good.
Artist ACDC

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Animation Story

P1T7 Noa Explores Imagination from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our focus statement for our story is "Noa Explores Dreams." I think our focus statement is pretty broad. So it basically tells our whole story. For example, are whole story is about how Noa explores dreams. I think this could also relate to people because everyone has had a strange dream before... right.

In our story our audience will learn how much you can trust your friends. Or even if you can trust them at all. In our story about Noa's dream he finds a glowing orb on the beach. as he gets closer to the orb he pops up in space and the sees his friend Miles. Miles, has lost his orb in space and needs to find a new one. He then sees Noa In space. They have this big fight. Noa wins this fight. Noa then pops up on earth again. He rushed to Miles's house and sees... He is still asleep.

Are best and worst moments as a team, huh where do I start. Well we started off doing good and thought are project was not going to be hard. It was. Basically the only only moment we felt that we were on top of things is when we finished our first project. All the rest of the time it felt like we were playing catch up. But we still had good moment though the whole project.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Animation Outtakes

facts about teammates, where do I start. Noa, is a skater and a drummer. He is currently in a band. Russell loves to bodyboard and loves going to the beach. Also Almost all of Russell's family's names start with an R. Michael Loves to play music Just like Noa. Michael is a solid A and B student.

What is stop-motion. Stop motion is when you take multiple Pictures to make a .GIF. So therefor a .GIF is using stop-motion to make a video. Usually when using stop-motion someone is levitating or moving throughout the video. This is just one one way of using stop-motion. There are many other ways of using it. Like using whiteboard.

We are using Noa's story. His story is about a crazy dream he had. I'm inferring that you have had a strange dream at some point in your life. I'm also thinking that Noa's could be a little different. In our movie we will tell how we put friendships on the line and learned how to get back to earth. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about. Guess you just gotta watch the movie.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

typography is the visual component of the written word. As in other words it is a picture of a person or object. Then on the outside of the object of person their are written words to describe them. in this case we made our typography's of teachers. We had to ask the teacher that we chose to tell us 15 words that describe them. How can typography's be used with images to make a lasting impact you ask? I think that Typography's can make a lasting impact because you are basically looking at a picture of someone with words about them. This will instantly impact the reader by giving them a picture of what the person looks like and what they do. In my mind this would stick in my head because it is almost like you are getting to know the person you are looking at. This is all from the good of photoshop.

I think my biggest challenge for my teacher project was my B&W image. I got caught behind and was having trouble making my Midtones. I was having this big problem with it at first when it was saying "No Pixels were selected." Then I had to change my adjustments to a brighter color. After this it was really essay for me to finish the rest of my photo. Then on my me image I was having all kinds of trouble. In this I was also still having a hard time with my B&W image. By making it look like everyone else B&W. But after I figured that out the rest was pretty easy. Until the next 15 billion other steps I did not get to do.

My first example is of Steve Jobs. I chose Steve Jobs because I could relate to him more than the other guys. I think I did a pretty good job on my first image for what we did. like on all of my projects it was hard. Then turned out cool. My second image is of Ms. Bandsma. I chose Ms. Bandsma because she always helps me if I have a problem In class and out of class. I think this images turned out a little bit better than the rest because I got to put the most detail in it. So that is why it is my favorite It is my last image. My me Image. My me image was... challenging. I had a really hard time on this in a lot of different ways to say the least. think if I was to have had more time on this image it would have been the best.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

What is what is portrait photography. Portrait Photography is a person or a group of people that tell the expression that the person is giving. Portrait Photography in my opinion is best used to capture a certain moment in the past. I feel this way because of the definition of portrait photography. In the definition it says that portrait photography is used to tell the expression of the person in front of the camera. Another reason why I think this is because when I look at an old picture of me I first try to think of what I was doing back then. This is why I think that Portrait Photography so good for old memories. How can it possibly relate to profile view and silhouetting? I think all of these toppics relate because the all tell a persons mood.

Double exposers are created by taking 3 pictures. You take your main subject. In this case it was me. Behind your subject you place your other 2 images. But you have to make sure that your image of you is on top. You also have to cover the outside of your body with Midtones, Highlights or Shadows. This makes it so that your pictures do not pop up right behind your body. A good time to use a double exposer is when you what the viewer to know the subject and what they like to do.

Well in my first double exposer I just took 2 images and didn't put any effort in it. While in my second double exposer. I had to take 2 images from my life style. For my 2 images my dad took one of me surfing. Then for my other one I took a sunset picture at one of my favorite surf spots. I feel I could have done better in I was not as rushed. I was rushed on my project because I was not here one of the days we worked on our double exposers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR Photography is taking a bunch of photo's from low exposer to high exposer. HDR is used for taking long exposer shots. What do I like or dislike about it. Well I like it now because I know how to use it. Im sure every one has struggled using HDR at some point wether you know it or not. Have you ever been on your I phone and your about to take a picture? At the lower part of your camera a little thing pops up and says "HDR" and you just think it's nothing so you take a picture of something that doesn't move and your camera doesn't move either. You will get a sick picture. But later that day you take a picture of something moving your picture will most likely come out blurry. So when you are using HDR try not to take pictures of things moving.  

The first step to take an HDR photo is to take as many photos as you can from low exposer to high exposer. A good thing to take note while taking HDR photos is any amount of photos work from low to high exposer. But the more photos you take will work better. For example professional HDR photographers take up to 20 photos from low to high exposure. While in this project we are only taking 7. Which in my mind is a lot.

Well to be honest I did not think this project through a lot. For my landscape photo, my brother was playing soccer at the park. Before I got there in my head I thought that I could find a good landscape photo in less than seconds. Turns out, it took at least 30 minutes to find a good landscape photo. I was looking for a photo that nothing moved in it. I finally ended up taking a picture of a sunset and it turned out good over all. So for my experiment I did on another day. I took a photo of my dad standing in front of my fence. On my first day where I took my landscape I tried to take a photo of my brother and her freaked out and left me with no picture.