Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hiki No Behind The Scenes

Summarize your project idea and hows it going? My project is about the effect of technology. We have a several interviews with people and their thoughts on how technology has effected people's lives. I also feel that our story is very strong on how people's lives are effected. I think that our project is going at a great pace.

What happens when the camera is not rolling? When we are not videoing we are planing to video. we are planing interviews when we have nothing else to do and need an interview in a certain place. If we are not doing that we are editing. We are making sure their are no sound over lapse, no green flashes etc.

Discuss one thing you can do to help out your team? One thing I can do is not get in the way with them and mess them up. I can always try to be on task and stay with what they are doing. When they are telling me something I can write it down so I don't forget. Another thing I can do is always follow orders that my team gives me. I like working with my group.

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