Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

typography is the visual component of the written word. As in other words it is a picture of a person or object. Then on the outside of the object of person their are written words to describe them. in this case we made our typography's of teachers. We had to ask the teacher that we chose to tell us 15 words that describe them. How can typography's be used with images to make a lasting impact you ask? I think that Typography's can make a lasting impact because you are basically looking at a picture of someone with words about them. This will instantly impact the reader by giving them a picture of what the person looks like and what they do. In my mind this would stick in my head because it is almost like you are getting to know the person you are looking at. This is all from the good of photoshop.

I think my biggest challenge for my teacher project was my B&W image. I got caught behind and was having trouble making my Midtones. I was having this big problem with it at first when it was saying "No Pixels were selected." Then I had to change my adjustments to a brighter color. After this it was really essay for me to finish the rest of my photo. Then on my me image I was having all kinds of trouble. In this I was also still having a hard time with my B&W image. By making it look like everyone else B&W. But after I figured that out the rest was pretty easy. Until the next 15 billion other steps I did not get to do.

My first example is of Steve Jobs. I chose Steve Jobs because I could relate to him more than the other guys. I think I did a pretty good job on my first image for what we did. like on all of my projects it was hard. Then turned out cool. My second image is of Ms. Bandsma. I chose Ms. Bandsma because she always helps me if I have a problem In class and out of class. I think this images turned out a little bit better than the rest because I got to put the most detail in it. So that is why it is my favorite It is my last image. My me Image. My me image was... challenging. I had a really hard time on this in a lot of different ways to say the least. think if I was to have had more time on this image it would have been the best.

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