Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Proactive or Procrastination?

Be honest, are you proactive or procrastinator? Why or why not? I think that I am more of a procrastinator. I feel like this Because I am always waiting tell last minute to do my work. I think this happens because I always want to do something else instead. I mean I know the concept, but I just lay off on it. To be honest I am being  procrastinator right now.  I could of probably already finished this. Which of me being a procrastinator I have to rush and finish it now.

How does your level of productivity effect your amount of free time. Well, like everyone else, if I lay something off I will still have to do it. If you do lay it off you may get to do what you wanted to do that day. But when it is time for your project to be done you will have to rush and not get to do what you want to do that day. This may sound hypocritical of me to say this considering I procrastinating on this project. Hopefully one dat I will be able to not be a procrastinator.

What would you change about your work habits and how would you do it. If I could change anything I would change how I forget about projects. When i could clearly just handle them right away. If i did that then I would not have to worry about when I am going to get my projects done. For an example today I totally forgot about doing this.

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