Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

How my favorite song lyrics make me feel. Hummmmm, where do I start. Well I guess it kinda depends on what type of music I am listening to. I mean if in listing to a real fast and up beat  song then I tend to get all pumped up. Which  is like the kind of music I would be listening to before a surf contest. Then on the other hand if I'm listening to real slow music I don't know why but I tend to be sad.

For our music video song we chose Back In Black. Back In Black has always been I song I have listened to. Its never been my favorite song but I always end up listening to it. I mean when I was younger I guess at one point I had a stage where I liked rock. Then I think that is how I found this song. Then it later just came to be our song for our music video. I also was thinking about having a song that we could make funny in our video. Then a screaming rock band was our choice.

Well because our song is, Back In black. We decided that for our story it had to be something that had to do with getting back together. So for our story it is all about friendships getting back together. But I also feel that we can't make it like a sad music video. Considering that will be boring and that is not the kind of message our song tells. So we decided to make it cool. Which I hope we can pull off making it good.
Artist ACDC

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