Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Animation Story

P1T7 Noa Explores Imagination from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our focus statement for our story is "Noa Explores Dreams." I think our focus statement is pretty broad. So it basically tells our whole story. For example, are whole story is about how Noa explores dreams. I think this could also relate to people because everyone has had a strange dream before... right.

In our story our audience will learn how much you can trust your friends. Or even if you can trust them at all. In our story about Noa's dream he finds a glowing orb on the beach. as he gets closer to the orb he pops up in space and the sees his friend Miles. Miles, has lost his orb in space and needs to find a new one. He then sees Noa In space. They have this big fight. Noa wins this fight. Noa then pops up on earth again. He rushed to Miles's house and sees... He is still asleep.

Are best and worst moments as a team, huh where do I start. Well we started off doing good and thought are project was not going to be hard. It was. Basically the only only moment we felt that we were on top of things is when we finished our first project. All the rest of the time it felt like we were playing catch up. But we still had good moment though the whole project.

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